What is a scarecrow competition ?

What is a Scarecrow Competition ?

In 2009 Ravenswood celebrated 10 years since the first foundation stones were laid, so we wanted to find something that would be an excuse to walk round the estate. What better than a tour looking for some fancy looking scarecrows!

In addition we think scarecrows are a a great pun on the name of our estate.

The idea of the competition is for as many people as possible to register they will make a scarecrow and put it on display for the day. Anyone can walk round the estate and see if they can spot the scarecrows. We will arrange some judges to come round and the best scarecrows will win a prize.

To see what other people do for scarecrow competitions around the world, just pop to a search engine to get some ideas, for example,


Interested in entering?

You need to tell us where your scarecrow will be to enter the competition, there is an entry form at the end of the rules, and the rules explain where to send it. Please remember this competition is just a bit of fun, so don't take it too seriously.

Anyone who wishes to take part in the competition needs to get a copy of the rules and entry form and register their entry prior to the event. Please refer back to the main Scarecrow competition page for the current years competition.

If you wish to help organise the event or would like to host a scarecrow but unable to make it yourself, please contact the committee.

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